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Fondue and raclette restaurants

February 20, 2014 — Montréal, with its strong European influences, has no shortage of restaurants where foodies celebrate Switzerland's culinary staples. Whether for a romantic dinner or an evening out with friends, fondues and raclette (cheese melted over various accompaniments) are a fun way to enjoy a meal at your own pace. Here's an overview of Montréal restaurants offering the experience. La Fonderie As can be expected from the name, La Fonderie serves up all manners of fondues and raclettes. Feeling bold, or very hungry? Go for the three-course fondue extravaganza: an appetizer of cheese fondue, followed by a choice of Burgundian (oil) or Chinese (broth) fondue, and to top it all off, chocolate fondue for dessert. Decadent! Shabu Shabu Kagayaki For a different take on classic fondue, try the Shabu Shabu, or Japanese fondue at Shabu Shabu Kagayaki in Chinatown. Here, patrons cook their own meal in a pot of steaming hot broth. Start by choosing your broth: kombu seaweed, chicken or spicy for some zing, then mix and match vegetable, meat and seafood platters. The typical Japanese accompaniments of udon noodles and ponzu sauce enhance the authentic flavours. Juliette et chocolat A true temple for Montrealers with a sweet tooth, Juliette & chocolat can boast of offering the sweet delight in all possible forms. Among the delicacies on the menu, the fondue will bring chocolate lovers to their knees: a mountain of fresh fruit served with a molten chocolate of your choice. Bon appétit!. Event Details. Location: Montreal