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Parle mon coeur

Parle mon coeur 250th Anniversary of the death of Christoph Graupner Category : Music Date / Period : May 7, 2010 BOOKMARK Telephone: 514 843 5881 Toll free: Reservation: E mail: URL: Overview Itineraries Overview This piece is a part of the final opus of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach that he composed at 74 years of age, and includes three quartets for a most unique instrumental formation. It is in the classic style of grand sonata for piano. It prefigures both Haydn and Beethoven, but also includes, in the quartet in A minor, a touch of baroque. The performance is thus a musical homage to the adult son of his illustrious father, Johann Sebastian, which renders this performance all the more touching. Schedule Particularity At 8 p.m. Free admission for 12 years and under. Language Price $15 to $35 Customers Event location St. George's Anglican Church Neighbourhood :Downtown Corner of Peel Street and De La Gaucheti re Street Montr al Metro :Bonaventure. Event Details. Location: Downtown Corner of Peel Street and De La Gaucheti re Street
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